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Membership Benefits

Wold Grain March 20th 2015.

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Membership Benefits

•   Lower capital cost compared to on-farm construction
•   Tax efficient: full cost allowable against tax, at members tax rate
•   Capital cost spread over 10 years
•   Access to low bank interest rate
•   Purchase what you need, from 50 tonnes to 50,000 tonnes
•   The space can be traded, typically at no less than paid for, but could be more
•   On-farm land and buildings can be put to other use
•   Members’ grain weighed an tested on intake, giving certainty and peace of mind
•   Grain can be held for up to 9 months to benefit from carry in the market
•   Gain collected to suit your combining and harvest
•   Members benefit from blending and up-grading of the grain by the store
•   Low annual storage, transport and drying costs
•   All members treated equally
•   No profit being made at Members’ expense
•   Access to premium contracts with end users
•   No grain rejections
•   Plant (asset) maintained to last

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